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Matthew knows the small village streets on our GREEK ISLAND HOME like the back of his hand and I think he has now become familiar with every flowering rose bush too. I don’t know how people manage to grow fabulous roses but it seems we are the only people in the village incapable of it. Apparently they just grow there is nothing special we need to do and of course everyone has these flowering beauties in their garden. Everyone but us! But I need not fret as I am lucky enough to have roses picked for me from someone else’s abundnt crop. We do have a small amount of fruit trees providing us with seasonal delights. A quince tree is the first tree growing as you enter our small garden and although our annual crop seems to be far less than others in the village there is still something that can be used in a chicken staffado . There is also a small plum tree, set in the middle of our yard and an olive, fig and an almond tree too. These were not planted by us and were well established when we arrived probably planted by the wife of the last inhabitant, a priest. She was said to have had green fingers. There is an abundance seasonal fruit and veggies in the village and we are very lucky to receive bags of goodies which we usually find hanging from our front gate. This is always tricky as you don’t know which one of our many generous village friends has left it. Recently we received a bag filled to the brim with persimmons a fruit I must admit to never have eaten before. I really enjoyed this fleshy fruit and found myself unable to stop eating them once I started. I also used them in salads a delicious addition, they taste divine and add wonderful colour. We still have not worked out who left this gift but we are once again truly greatful.FLOWERSBeautiful delicate pink roses from someone else’s garden copyright CLAIRE LLOYD

FRUITPersimmons a gift from a village friend copyright CLAIRE LLOYD


Recently my goddaughter asked me if I found it easy to ask strangers if I could take their photographs. I had to admit I am still really self conscious when it comes to photographing people. I actually find the initial approach scary. I feel sensitive towards my chosen subject and also feel responsible for capturing the essence of them in my shots. When I approach people who I don’t know I am always amazed at how open they are to having their photo taken. I can honestly say that it’s rare that someone says no to me. No is fine and to be respected. When yes is the response I love  the fleeting relationship between me and my new friend. I always feel elated after having taken the snap and sharing a few words with the person or people in front of me. Language is never a barrier if you are warm and relaxed, and that’s also when you get the best result. I shared this with Grace and then suggested we sit down and watch the Bill Cunningham documentary, very inspirational. Thank you everyone who has said yes to me and given me your time whether it be 30 seconds or 2 hours. Below are a few faces who happily said yes.


This man was not phased at all by my lens copyright Claire Lloyd


These two were definitely on for a photo copyright Claire Lloyd


A little self-conscious but obliging never the less copyright Claire Lloyd


 This gentleman was my favourite. He was so excited I had asked him that he beamed, it was worth it just to see the pleasure in his eyes copyright Claire Lloyd


I snuck in from the side on this one. This lovely couple had asked someone to take their photo with their camera. I thought she was particularly beautiful and there was lots of love there copyright Claire Lloyd


He looks exhausted by life but became quite animated when we talked about Australia copyright Claire Lloyd


This guy was very keen to be photographed he actually asked me and then proudly placed himself in the doorway of his shop copyright Claire Lloyd












Another trip to Ayvalik and every one of my senses are stimulated.

Dancer John Mason

My good friend, photographer John Mason,  has just been to Cuba and this is one of the images he sent me this morning. I want to go NOW! I love the dappled light and the colours are so intense. John was one of the first photographers I used when I moved to London, many years ago. I had admired his brilliant work featured in ‘The World of Interiors’ magazine, from afar, when I worked on Australian Vogue. He was always fun to work with because he never took things to seriously. Sometimes that drove me mad because he specialised in tormenting me too. I remember our first trip, we were shooting a car for Vauxhall and the number plates were sent separately. When I started attaching the number plates I noticed one was white and one was yellow. I was so freaked out that they had sent odd plates I could hardly breath with stress and told John. John strung me along to a point where I almost had to be slapped I was so hysterical. Then he told me to look at all the cars around me and yes, they all had one yellow and one white plate. I was so green, and taking my job so seriously, he thought it the funniest thing. I didn’t speak to him for the rest of the day. John is threatening to sail to Lesvos on his boat, has been for years, I’m not holding my breath. Thanks John for this beautiful image and for some great laughs on some great jobs.





Good news for all those who have been asking where they can purchase my latest book, ‘My Greek Island Home’. It is now available on pre order from Amazon and This book is a very personal account of living in a village, on a Greek Island.It’s about the importance of community and the generosity of people. It’s about leaving behind a city life and finding joy in a simple life, surrounded by nature, animals and warm local people. There are stories of daily experiences and also a few of my new friends recipes. It has been the most wonderful experience documenting life here and I hope all those who have the chance to read it thoroughly enjoy it.

Throughout the month of October Qantas magazine ran an extract from my book on all their domestic and international flights. They did me proud. For those of you who didn’t see the extract here it is. In December I can be heard  onboard on all Qantas flights being interviewed by Julie McCrossin.  You can read the extract by going to this link