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FISH BAR BRISBANE 5Last week in Brisbane I stopped by George’s Seafoods in Brisbane’s West End. What a great fishmongers for the locals. George is Greek so we had a lot to chat about! I had seen his shop on a previous visit to the West End when I spoke about my book My Greek Island Home  at The Avid Reader book shop  Avid is almost directly opposite George in Boundary street. Whilst I was chatting to George on of his uncles dropped in for something  fresh and yummie!


My friend Domenica More Gordon, sums up the Scottish summer perfectly.

My friend Domenica More Gordon has created a whole dog world from her studio in Scotland. It is a charming world that one could so easily be lost in for days. The characters Domenica creates both through dry felting or drawing are humorous and loveable, they are appealing to all ages and touch the hearts of all who set eyes on them. Domenica’s first book Archie published by Bloomsbury has hit the stands and proving to be a big favourite, books two and three are in the pipeline. Go to Domenica’s website and see for yourself .

Creativity is within all of us. Therefore it’s important to find time and allow ourselves to create. There is no end to what we can achieve. We owe it to ourselves to nurture our creativity. This is a drawing I did. Matthew tidied it up and turned into a repeat pattern for me, thank you Matthew. Copyright Claire Lloyd

Sydney is wet. I woke this morning and had to remind myself rain is just as important as sunshine. When it finally does stop raining we will be surrounded by  colour again.What I want to know is where do all those birds go when it’s wet! I miss the squawking cockatoos and the chirping minor birds. I love waking to them. I’m sure they will be back soon! Today I am sharing a drawing of Matthews. I wake up to his many emails filled with photos and drawings from his day in Greece. It’s lovely to find these waiting for me first thing in the morning.