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CLAIRE , PAU,, MONICA AND SOOTY AT THE ENTRANCEEvery January my parents would pack the car with beach chairs, umbrellas, clothes, food, cricket balls, bats, monopoly and other games, and my father would drive the over loaded vehicle which also included, my Mum, brother Paul, sister Monica, Grandmother and I, north of Sydney. Yes, this was our annual holiday, 2 weeks in a house at The Entrance. We loved it, 2 weeks of being spoilt by our jolly Grandmother, 2 weeks of swimming and building sand castles and playing cricket, going roller skateing and fishing and having our Dad all to ourselves. Two weeks of what we saw as freedom. It was a chance for all of us play lots of games and to enjoy each others company. We ate meat pies and cakes and ice cream, it was heaven! One year we took our new kitten, Sooty with us. We children had no intention of leaving Sooty behind and thinking about this now I wonder just how traumatised Sooty must have been. We didn’t have a cat box so she fitted into the car where she could and as I remember, was quite vocal for the full length of our journey. At one point she vomited, car sickness, something Sooty and I had in common. We had our regular toilet stop about halfway to the Entrance and let Sooty out. She did a runner and we all had to do what we could to corral her back into the car, even Grandma joined in. We loved Sooty, she was our first pet. It was decided after that trip that it was probably best to leave Sooty at home and get a neighbour to feed her rather than to relive another traumatic trip. A photo of, my brother Paul, my sister Monica, me and Sooty from the 70’s, outside the holiday house at The Entrance.


It is 7 years today since we bought our village house. The house has changed hugely in that time and so have we. If anyone had told me 8 years ago that we would be living in a Greek village on an Island I would have laughed and dismissed the idea as a ridiculous one. So here we are, 7 years has past quickly and each day is unique. The community we live in has been generous in every way and we feel privileged  to be included. We have found a new way of living which has enabled us to explore our creativity. Matthew who failed woodwork at school has been hammering away making most of the furniture in the house. He has also been exploring local tips for charming pieces that can with be restored or recycled into something else, and I have written and photographed a new book, due for release in Australia on September 26, My Greek Island Home. We have been given time to reflect on life and on whats important to us, it’s been a magical time. We have also befriended, rescued and re-homed numerous cats and dogs and been on the receiving end of their unconditional love. I am learning Greek, yes a foreign language and boy is it foreign, especially for someone with dyslexia and the attention span of a flea. We have time to watch the seasons changing, speak to people in the street, sit in the Kafenea, stroke and play with the animals. We also have time to realise life does not have to always be frantic or dull. It is what it is and where ever you are thats your life. I’m very happy to say that at this point in time where I am makes me very happy. An impulsive decision that was based on a gut feeling was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

We celebrated the purchase of the house with the family we bought it from, here are a few images to give a feel of the day.

My glamorous Mum

My brother and I with our Grandmother

Not sure why I didn’t make the National Ballet school