It’s a glorious autumn day, the air is cool. If you keep out of the shade there is warmth from the sun.There is a lovely smell of wood burning fires wafting throughout the village. We have just finished a dog walk which included Bingo, one of the three kittens we rescued a year ago. He is white with a grey tail. He still sneezes a lot but has grown up and looks clean and healthy. It’s hard to believe he was so close to death. Bingo has decided he prefers the life of a dog. He plays with our crew often hiding from them, pouncing when they least expect it. The dogs chase him and grab him by the scruff of the neck, it looks rough but Bingo loves it. Today Bingo walked with us along a dirt track that leads out of our village and into the countryside. He walked with us for about an hour and when he lagged behind he meowed so loudly that we would wait for him to catch up with us. The photo today is not of Bingo but of Karen who’s wedding we attended in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago. She made a stunning autumn bride.