I went with Effi and Ralitza to the women’s meeting and as we meandered through the village lane ways we collected other women. Their names were shouted as we approached their houses and out they came to join us. There were about 20 women there in all and I was welcomed with open arms. The reason for this gathering was to elect a new president, vice president and treasurer. The mayor of the village, a woman headed up the meeting. The women did not stop to draw breath and the meeting was loud and very entusiastic. Everyone spoke at the same time and all tried to outdo each other pitching their voices to higher and higher levels. What little Greek I know became impossible for me to decipher. What I did manage to extract was that I was unanimously elected as official photographer. My first job is on Sunday night when there is a coffee and cake fundraiser at 6.30. I am wondering since I don’t drink coffee whether I can take a hip flask filled with wine or sherry. I guess my camera will distract me for the evening. Todays photograph is of my niece Hannah taken in January. I did her make up which she loved.