I can’t believe it Sweetie has now disappeared . She has been gone for two days and two nights. Hopefully she is at Aunty Ralitza’s. Perhaps she is fed up with having so many cats on her territory. One eye, Macraki, Big Balls (who I must say is looking pretty good now three months after his snake bite) and Grey Bear. I have also noticed another white with tan splodges creeping around and also Amanda seems to be back too. Grey Bear opened the fridge three times today in front of me, he is beyond cheeky and if he’s not careful he will have less than the three legs very soon. It is amazing how he balances on that one back leg though. He must know there is chicken in the fridge and is not prepared to wait to be offered any. We took all three dogs to the beach today, which they just loved and when we arrived back and were parking the car we saw Hector  waiting for us. Thank you Hector, it has now been a week since we put on the beautiful mauve neckerchief Isabel sent for him from Patmos and he disappeared  into the ether. No neckerchief to be seen on his return. He has shagged himself senseless for a whole week and he has the hide to come back without the thing that attracted the female, we believe it’s only one, his very smart and stylish neckerchief. Matthew has just informed me he’s gone off down town again and it’s 10.30pm so I guess he was just checking in and we will be lucky to see him for another week. It’s still beautiful here, very hot during the day although the early morning and evenings are fresh. There is definitely change in the air. Tomorrow I am off to my Greek lesson and I am nervous as it has been so long since I have had a formal lesson and I am convinced I remember NOTHING.