For 18 years Joris and Ineke have been getting up at 4.30 each morning to care for a variety of animals that have found their way to their doorstep. They have given their life to rescuing and rehabilitating the wildlife not only for this island but also from others. They have done more than a life time of work for these animals and they rely completely on donations and volunteers to keep them going. Sadly for the wildlife of Lesvos and surrounding Islands they can no longer sustain this grueling work load and will be closing the centre at the end of August. This will be an enormous loss. What will happen to animals that need the care and attention they have provided? I will post some more news about their closure in time. We thank them for all that they have done. Below some images taken today when I took my parents to meet Joris and Ineke.

Three baby owls born at the centre are being prepared to be released into the wild.

One of the small owls being hand fed by a volunteer.

A rescued stone curlew which will be released back into the wild when it is older and stronger.

Small owl which had been shot

An eagle owl the worlds largest owl, there are two at the centre. Eagle owls are so powerful they can pick up  small deer.