Irene stopped us on our way back from our morning walk. We were carrying bags of soil and she was curious to know how much we paid for them. In my best Greek I told her I could not remember. Remembering anything these days is challenging and the cost of soil is not high on my list of priorities. She then went on to tell us that she paid 3 euros a bag, presenting us with a bag as an example which was at least 10 times the size of ours. A better deal than ours of that I’m sure. She then beckoned us into her garden and pointed to a tree bearing plump ripe peaches. I was encouraged to pick one. Matthew was then steered in the direction of more of these delicious fruits high up in the tree and ordered by Irene to collect them. This he did with a big smile and she gave us 5 of these yummy peaches to take home with us. So generous of her.

Mum, Dad, Matthew and I with Nellie our rescue dog headed north to the beach later in the day. As we took our first steps onto the red sand a very sweet little girl about 4 years old made a b-line for Nellie. Nellie is a very placid and gentle dog which definitely went in her favour as the girl petted, cuddled and kissed her continuously for the next half an hour. Nervous Nellie as we called her did her best to remain calm as she was man handled to within an inch of her life. When it was time to leave the little girl cried as she did not want to leave her new friend. I scooped up Nellie in my arms and with her paw waved goodbye which turned tears into a lovely brimming smile.